Deadpool review

This film is R rated


The famously potty mouthed Deadpool has finally graced the big screen in Marvel’s first attempt at franchising an R rated Superhero movie. This film is ultimately an origins story and revenge tale for the lesser known anti-hero Deadpool re-invented by actor Ryan Reynolds for the 2nd time after starring in the very forgettable X-men Origins as a much more boring edition of the character. Deadpool is filled with constant references to that edition of the character plus countless 4th wall breaks and mockery of the film industry and itself. It is also with ease the most hilarious movie released in a very long time.

Its not often that an actor who has been in a variety of films from indie delights to critical disasters such as Ryan Reynolds can appear out of the blue with a role which will define his career, as he is perfect as Deadpool. Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson (Deadpool) as his maturity and comic timing are on point yet he is still brilliant in the less frantic scenes such as the romance he has with Morena Baccarin, the two have obvious chemistry together so we end up being invested in the romance as well as the action. T.J. Miller also deserves an honorable mention for his also highly amusing rendition of Weasel.

The main antagonist from Deadpool is a mutant named Ajax played by Ed Skrein who is known for his poorly received villain role in the latest Transporter movie, and he really isn’t much better in Deadpool. Not only was his acting wooden but there wasn’t really a great sense of threat given from his character as the only use this villain had in terms of the story was to be the target of Deadpool’s revenge.

All of the action sequences were done very well mainly because of a sparing amount of CGI being used alongside practical effects and stunt work which in turn created more realistic and enjoyable action, the editing in these scenes was a bit disappointing however because of a large amount of quick cutting which is an issue many modern action films suffer from. Some of the action is slightly blurred simply because of the camera’s incessant need to cut the shot.

When it comes to the actual plot of Deadpool its let down by the fact that it is an origins story, it mocks itself and Marvel for their frequent attempts at creating franchise in their movies yet ends up falling into many of the same tropes all these other Superhero movies do. Although, a non-linear narrative was used in this origins/revenge tale which was a great surprise to see in a Marvel movie and ended up being one of the biggest positives of the film. The fact that the main revenge plot interweaves with the origins story via flashbacks was a really refreshing look on the standard “rise to power” we see in so many Superhero movies.

Helped off its feet by a genius marketing campaign Deadpool is already setting box office records with its success, which is why it could end up being the most pivotal film Marvel has ever released. Due to the over saturation of Superhero movies in the current market this film is a breath a fresh air because of the vast amount of bog-standard comic book movies being released recently.  The amount of social context and pop media references is where the comedy in Deadpool thrives, as well as the constant 4th wall breaks which gives reference to the graphic novels. These 4th wall breaks are almost always funny however they do become a little too frequent but I respect the filmmakers for paying homage to the original source material.

Although relatively shallow Deadpool is a hysterical film which will no doubt open doors for other boundary stretching superhero movies. Plus the Stan Lee cameo is pure gold.






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